If you experience problems due to broadband connectivity, you may wish to use the offline version of the test. 

You will still need an online account to buy tests and license your tests, however you do not need to be connected to the internet to take the actual test.

To use the offline version, you will first need to download and install the offline software. You can get this from http://marlins.co.uk/maritime-english/offline-test-dowload-form/

NOTE:  You MUST be logged onto the PC as the user who will be issuing the tests. If you license the PC as one user, then log on to the PC as a different user, the second user will have no tests.

You can use this file to install the offline version on any number of PCs. Once installed you will need to purchase tests and then license your software. 

To do so:

1.  At the offline PC start the Marlins Admin Program.

2.  Very carefully take a note of the serial number under "licensing".


3.  Go to your online account on the Marlins Test Platform (www.marlinstests.co.uk) and select "Generate test(s) to be taken on a CD ROM based computer"

4.  Carefully enter (or paste) the serial number into the box and the number of tests you wish to generate for the offline PC. Then click ‘Generate license code’.


5.  This will generate a case sensitive, 16 digit offline license code. Enter this carefully into the Marlins Admin program of your offline PC, exactly as it is written.


6.  Your offline PC will now have tests available. To take a test, launch the Marlins Test Program on the offline PC.


Please be sure to upload your test results regularly from all offline PCs to your online account.  This will ensure all your test results are held securely in one location and failure to do this will result in certificates being reported as invalid by the online validation tool.

To upload results, go to your online test account and select "Upload results from a CD ROM based computer", under "Test Administration"