At the bottom of every Marlins English Language test certificate is a note, advising the receiving party (crew agency, employer, flag state, etc) to:

Validate this certificate at

There have been cases where individuals have tried to defraud a potential employer - the validation function helps protect against this.  The following steps explain the validation process:

1.  Go to  You will find the "Check certificate validity" option half way down the homepage - there is no requirement to log in or create a user account.

2.  Locate the "Licence Code" on the certificate; it is a code of 16 or 20 letters and numbers.  Enter this code in the box on the website.

3.  When you click "Verify", the certificate results will appear.  If a certificate has been issued by an Approved Test Centre (ATC), you should see two green ticks.  However, it is essential that you also check all of the details on the certificate against the records held in our database.  Falsified information on the certificate could be something very small, for example, just one digit in the overall score.


If a certificate has only one tick, it means the test was taken using our system, but it was not taken at a Marlins Approved Test Centre.  This means the test was not taken under exam conditions that have been inspected by Marlins.  It is still important to check all of the details on the certificate against the records held in our database.

If you have mistyped the licence code, please click "Back" and try again.  Please note that any "0" will always be the number zero and not the letter "O".  There are also no spaces or dashes in the code.

If you receive any other response, the certificate is not valid.  Please contact Marlins in this instance and we will conduct an investigation, if necessary.