We now offer the opportunity to take the Marlins English Language Test remotely, via AI Proctoring.

The AI Proctored Test allows any candidate with access to a webcam and microphone to take the Marlins English Language Test remotely.  The test is supervised via the candidate's webcam, using AI technology to monitor the candidate's progress, ensuring that exam conditions are met.

Ways in which exam conditions are tracked include facial recognition, audio sampling, and screen capture.

Once the Proctored Test is complete, the AI system assesses the recorded test session and produces a confidence rating based on these exam condition metrics.  The Test Administrator is then able to review the confidence rating and the recorded test session to determine whether the test session followed exam conditions and can be judged as legitimate in accordance with Marlins' commitment to standards.

Proctored Test Licences are available to business accounts on the Marlins Test Platform.