1. Go to the login page and log in with the credentials you created/used when purchasing the courses.

2. Once logged in, you can confirm the purchases associated with your account by navigating to the 'Orders' section in the drop-down under the Account Name in the top right

3. From the same drop-down menu, select 'Enrol Users' to begin allocating courses to candidates. To begin allocating courses, select the required course from the 'Select Group' drop-down.

4. You can then select 'Enroll User' and add the full name and email address for the candidate. After this information has been filled in, selecting 'Enroll User' again will prompt an enrollment email to be sent to the candidate, prompting the candidate to register for an account on the LMS, from which they will be able to access the course.

5. Successfully enrolled students will be shown at the bottom of the 'Enrol Students' page. Please ask individuals to check their inbox and junk mail box as sometimes the notification email can be incorrectly identified as spam.